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Malo Okhala ku Kildare

Takulandilani kumtima ndi mzimu wa "Ireland Yakale Kummawa." Kildare imapereka kusakanikirana koyenera kwa kukongola kwakumidzi komanso kumveka kwamatauni komwe kumasangalatsa onse omwe akufuna kupita ku Kildare. Kuchokera kumapiri ake mpaka ku nyumba zachifumu zokongola komanso mbiri yakale yolemera, Kildare ikulonjeza holide yosangalatsa. Kodi mukukonzekera ulendo wopita ku Ireland? Gwiritsani ntchito mwayi wachigawo chodabwitsachi! Koma muyenera kukhala kuti mukakhala ku Kildare? Mwamwayi, pali malo ambiri abwino okhala ku Kildare, kaya mukuyang'ana hotelo yapamwamba kapena bedi labwino komanso kadzutsa. Mu positi iyi, tikudutsirani malo ena abwino kwambiri oti mukhale ku Kildare, ndikuwunikira zomwe ali nazo komanso zomwe zimapangitsa aliyense kukhala wapadera.


K ClubK Club is a luxurious hotel and country club in Straffan, Co. Kildare. It offers visitors an authentic Irish experience with its picturesque landscapes and stunning views of the surrounding countryside. The K Club has something for everyone. Its five-star amenities include a spa, golf course, fine dining restaurants, and spacious event conference facilities. The K Club also features outdoor activities like clay pigeon shooting, horse riding, fishing trips, and other activities that allow guests to explore the lush surroundings. Its convenient location near Dublin airport is an ideal destination for business and leisure travellers. Whether you’re looking for a kuthawa kwachikondi or want to relax in the countryside, the K Club is the perfect place to stay in Kildare.

Chithunzi cha Kclub5
K Club

Katoni House Hotel - Katoni House Hotel in Maynooth, Kildare, is the perfect place to stay when visiting this stunning county. Located on 1,100 acres of beautiful parkland, the Hotel offers a variety of accommodation options, from luxurious guestrooms to private suites and villas, all with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The Hotel also provides superb cuisine with restaurants and bars on site. The Hotel also features two fantastic magalimoto, where visitors can test their skills while taking in panoramic views of the estate. Carton House also boasts a leisure centre with an indoor pool, sauna, steam room and gym. For those who wish to relax even further, there is a full-service spa offering several treatments, including massage and beauty therapies. At Carton House Hotel, guests are assured of excellent service by knowledgeable staff who will go out of their way to make sure your stay is enjoyable and comfortable throughout. It is definitely worth considering if you are looking for somewhere to stay in Kildare that offers luxurious surroundings and top accommodation choices.

Rsz Carton House Garden Terrace King Bedroom
Katoni House Hotel 

Nyumba ya Barberstown - Nyumba ya Barberstown ndiye malo abwino ngati mukufuna mbiri yakale, lingalirani zokhala ku Barberstown Castle, yomwe ili ku Straffan Kildare. Nyumbayi ya m'zaka za m'ma 13 yakonzedwanso bwino ndipo ili ndi zipinda zokongola, malo odyera abwino, ndi minda yokongola.Nyumbayi ndi imodzi mwa nyumba zoyamba zazikulu zaku Ireland zomwe zikuwonetsa kukongola kwake kumayiko akunja pomwe idatsegulidwa ngati nyumba yaing'ono ya alendo mu 1971. Yakhalabe yokongola kwambiri pazaka mazana asanu ndi atatu pophatikiza mwachifundo zowonjezera zake za Victorian ndi Elizabethan ndi zoyambirira. Medieval Castle Keep ya 1288. It was a former home of the acclaimed Musician Mr. Eric Clapton from 1979 – 1987, where famous rockstars came to stay and played music into the early hours in their Green Room & Castle Keep. 

Nyumba ya Barberstown 5
Nyumba ya Barberstown 

Zithunzi za Kilkea Castle - Zithunzi za Kilkea Castle is a luxurious and elegant place to stay when visiting Kildare. Located in the heart of the Irish countryside, Kilkea Castle offers guests the opportunity to experience a unique and relaxing stay surrounded by stunning scenery. From its stunning architecture to its lush gardens, Kilkea Castle is a destination that captivates all who visit. Inside the castle, guests will find spacious and well-appointed rooms with modern amenities and beautiful views of the surrounding area. With an onsite spa facility, restaurants such as Hermionesbwalo la gofu and a bar, guests can unwind in total comfort while taking in the tranquil atmosphere of Kilkea Castle. Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape or just some time away from it all, Kilkea Castle is an ideal choice for your stay in Kildare.

Rsz 1kilkea Castle Cariage Yogona Chipinda Chogona 1 1
kilkea Castle 

Osprey hotelo - Osprey hotelo ndi Hotelo yamakono yomwe ili ndi malo abwino kwambiri ku Naas, pamtunda waung'ono chabe kuchokera ku Curragh racecourse. Hoteloyi ili ndi zipinda zamakono, spa yochitira zonse, komanso dimba lokongola la padenga. You will be spoiled for choice with their dining options. Herald & Devoy Restaurant imapereka kusakaniza kosangalatsa kwa zokometsera zaku Europe ndi zachi Irish. Osprey Bar imapereka chakudya chokoma chatsiku lonse, ndipo amakhala ndi nyimbo zoimba kumapeto kwa sabata. Dzilowetseni Osprey Spa and relax in their Leisure Club, with a 20m deck level pool, sauna and steam rooms or work out in our fully equipped gym.

Osprey hotelo
Osprey hotelo

Maynooth Campus Conference & Accommodation – If you’re looking for affordable accommodation in Kildare, consider a stay at Maynooth Campus Conference & Accommodation. This purpose-built conference centre offers comfortable rooms and excellent facilities. Located on the historic grounds at St Patrick’s College and Maynooth University, they provide accommodation, meeting and dining services for visitors, conference delegates, summer school students, event attendees and participants in sports and cultural programmes.

Rsz College Room Copy
Kampasi ya Maynooth 

Cliff ku Lyons - Cliff ku Lyons ndi hotelo yapamwamba kumidzi ya Celbridge, Kildare yomwe ili ndi nyumba zosazolowereka zokhala ndi maluwa, kuphatikiza mphero komanso zakale za dovecote, kumidzi ya Kildare. The Cliff at Lyons Hotel ku Kildare ndi kwawo two-Michelin star restaurant Aimsir ndi wopambana mphoto zambiri The Well in The Garden spa. Zipinda ndi suites zidapangidwa mwadongosolo, zopatsa alendo khofi wowonera komanso shopu yamphatso.

Cliff Ku Lyons 2
Cliff Ku Lyons 

Mudzi Wotchuthi wa Robertstown- Mudzi Wotchuthi wa Robertstown in Robertstown, Kildare, is the perfect place for a relaxing getaway. Situated on the banks of the Grand Canal, this picturesque village offers visitors the chance to explore some of Ireland’s most beautiful countryside. Its traditional pubs, charming shops and scenic walks make it a great place to enjoy a peaceful break away from everyday life. Malo ogona operekedwa ku Robertstown Holiday Village ndi abwino komanso otsika mtengo. Kuchokera m'malo ogona apamwamba mpaka m'nyumba zabwino, pali china chake kwa aliyense. Kaya mukuyang'ana malo opumira apabanja kapena tchuthi chokomera mabanja, mutha kupeza zomwe zikugwirizana ndi zosowa zanu pano. Kanyumba kalikonse kamakhala kokwanira ndi malo odyetserako chakudya ndikuwonjezera zina monga mipando ya patio ndi TV ya satellite.

Mudzi Wotchuthi wa Robertstown

Khalani Barrow BluewayKhalani Barrow Blueway is a great place to stay in Monasterevin, Kildare. Located near the River Barrow, this Hotel provides guests with an escape from city life and the perfect opportunity to explore the picturesque landscape. The modern and luxurious facilities here make it an ideal spot for a relaxing getaway. Guests will enjoy beautifully decorated rooms with elegant furniture, TVs, Nespresso coffee, comfortable beds, free Wi-Fi and much more. 

Kusinthidwa 2
Stay Borrow Blueway 

Munda wa Ballindrum- Munda wa Ballindrum in Kildare is the perfect place to stay for a tranquil and peaceful escape. Located on a farm estate in Athy South Kildare, this picturesque rural getaway offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. The farmhouse itself is beautifully maintained, with comfortable guest rooms featuring modern amenities such as en-suite bathrooms. Guests can enjoy various activities at Ballindrum Farm, including farm tours or touring Ireland’s ancient East. There’s also food onsite from ‘Marys Menu’, which serves delicious homemade food made with fresh produce from the farm. Whether you’re looking for an idyllic rural retreat or an adventure-filled weekend away, Ballindrum Farm has something for everyone.

Zithunzi img 7611
Munda wa Ballindrum

Hotelo "Killashee".The Killashee Hotel, located in Naas Kildare, is an excellent choice for those looking for a luxurious and relaxing place to stay. It is set on a large estate with beautifully landscaped gardens and gorgeous countryside views. The Hotel offers various services to ensure guests have the perfect experience. From fine dining options, spa treatments, an indoor pool, golf course access, and even wine-tasting experiences – there’s something for everyone here! Its convenient location near Dublin makes it an ideal base for exploring Ireland’s capital city. Guests can expect top-notch hospitality and attention to detail at this beautiful Hotel. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or an exciting adventure – Killashee is the perfect destination.

Mtengo wa Rsz Mg 5163
Hotelo "Killashee".

Moyvalley Hotel & Golf Resort- Moyvalley Hotel ndi Golf Resort ndi malo abwino kukhala ku Kildare. Ili kumidzi yokongola, yopereka malo abwino opumirako. Malo ochitirako hoteloyo ali ndi mitundu ingapo yogona, kuchokera kuzipinda zama hotelo azikhalidwe mpaka ma suites apamwamba okhala ndi malingaliro odabwitsa a gofu yapafupi. The onsite golf course is great for golfers of all levels, and there are plenty of activities available for those who prefer to take a more leisurely approach.

Rsz Arc Hotel Bedroom
Moyvalley Hotel 

Hotelo ya Clanard Court- Hotelo ya Clanard Court– This modern 4* hotel in Athy offers comfortable rooms, a spa, afternoon tea and an excellent restaurant. Imapezekanso mosavuta kuti muwone zokopa zapafupi, monga Irish National Stud.

Commercial Photography Ireland
Hotelo ya Clanard Court

Lawlor's of Naas - Kukhala pa Lawlor's of Naas is a great way to experience the beauty and tranquillity of Kildare. Lawlor’s Hotel, located in the centre of Naas town in County Kildare, is a four-star hotel known far and wide for over 100 years as a great meeting point where genuine service and quality food offer visitors the best of Irish hospitality. Lawlor's ali ndi zokumana nazo zosiyanasiyana zodyera alendo awo onse, okhala ndi malo odyera awiri oti asankhe komanso Lobby yawo yodabwitsa. Sangalalani ndi chakudya chokoma ndi chakumwa kuchokera ku Irish wathunthu mu Bistro kukadya ndi vinyo wotsagana nawo mu Vi's kapena tiyi wamadzulo mu Lobby. Iwo ali ndi chinachake kwa aliyense. 

Lawlors Hotel Naas
Lawlors Hotel Naas

Makampani Oyendetsa Nkhalango & Camping- Forest Farm Caravan and Camping in Zosangalatsa, Kildare, is a great place to stay for families looking for a fun and relaxed holiday spot. Located on a family farm, it is close to many things to do in Athy. There is an abundance of lush greenery with scenic views and fresh country air, perfect for outdoor activities like kukwera, kupalasa njinga kapena kuyang'ana kumidzi. There are options when it comes to staying in Forest Farm Caravan and Camping – travellers can either bring their own tent, campervan or caravan. Ponseponse, Forest Farm Caravan ndi Camping ndi malo abwino kwa mabanja pambuyo patchuthi chosangalatsa kutali ndi chipwirikiti chilichonse chamoyo wamtawuni. Ndi mawonekedwe ake achilengedwe komanso zochitika zosiyanasiyana zomwe zilipo - pali china chake kwa aliyense pano!

Caravan Caravan & Camping Park 4
Makampani Oyendetsa Nkhalango & Camping 

Hotelo ya CourtyardHotelo ya Courtyard ku Kildare is an excellent choice for lodging while visiting Ireland’s Ancient East. Situated in Wachinyamata, Hoteloyi ili ndi malo abwino okhala ndi zinthu zonse zomwe munthu angayembekezere kuchokera kumalo amakono. Hoteloyi ili ndi zipinda zazikulu komanso zokonzedwa bwino za alendo, chilichonse chili ndi zokometsera zamakono monga Wi-Fi ndi ma TV. Malo odyera omwe ali patsambali amakhala ndi zakudya zopatsa thanzi za ku Ireland, komanso pali bar yomwe imakhala ndi zakumwa zotsitsimula zomwe zimafika pamalowo patatha tsiku lalitali lofufuza. Those looking to explore further can find many attractions nearby, such as Mpikisano wa Punchestown, Kildare Village Shopping Outlet, ndi zina. The Courtyard Hotel in Kildare is an ideal base for anyone looking for a relaxing stay while exploring Ireland’s Ancient East. Its convenient location and great amenities provide guests with everything they need for an enjoyable stay. 

Malo 77
Bwalo la Court Yard 

Club ku Goffs - Ili pafupi ndi Naas, Club ku Goffs ndi hotelo yapadera, yapamwamba kwambiri yomwe ili mkati mwa thoroughbred County Kildare. Arrive with a warm welcome and ease into a stay of country-club comfort, exceptional food and quality service. Khalani ndi chakudya chamakono chamakono kuchokera kumalo odyera otsogozedwa ndi Derry ndi Sallyanne Clarke. Imwani mumlengalenga womwe uli pamalo awo otchedwa horseshoe bar.

Rsz 1 maziko1 Tsamba 0001
Club ku Goffs

Hotelo ya Keadeen Mzinda wa Keadeen is located on the outskirts of Newbridge. It offers guests various dining options, including the casual Oyenda, tsegulani tsiku lililonse nkhomaliro ndi chakudya chamadzulo, kapena madzulo opumula pamoto Atrium Lounge for afternoon beverages or cocktails, or The Bay Leaf akhoza kukhala malo anu okondana kapena apadera odyeramo Loweruka madzulo. Anthu okhalamo ndi mamembala akhoza kumasuka kapena kukhala oyenera The CLUB Gym|Pool|Leisure Centre – a purpose-built facility which includes an indoor Heated Pool, Sauna, Steam Room, Hot Tub, Fitness/Yoga studio and a Fully Equipped Gym. Complementing the luxurious interiors are their extensive and beautifully manicured Mphoto yopambana gardens making it a total oasis of relaxation whether your stay with them is for business or leisure.

Mtengo wa 1 mg 7613
Mzinda wa Keadeen

Glenroyal HotelGlenroyal Hotel ndi malo abanja omwe ali mkati mwa Kildare m'tawuni yakale ya Maynooth. Their tastefully decorated 4-Star property encompasses a traditional Irish welcome & a celebrated family atmosphere. With some of the best restaurants in Maynooth County Kildare, the Glenroyal Hotel with Arkle Bar, The Enclosure Restaurant & Shoda Market Cafe promises to delight both casual & seasoned diners alike or relax at their Noa Spa with a carefully selected range of luxurious treatments to enhance your experience from holistic well-being to a program specifically designed for you and your needs. 

Chipinda chogona cha Rsz Glenroyal

Hotelo "Kildare House". -The Kildare House Hotel ndi Family-run & owned Hotel yomwe ili mkati mwa tawuni ya Kildare. Ndi mtunda wa mphindi 6 kupita polowera oyenda pansi pa Kildare Village Outlet Shopping ndikuyenda mphindi 5 kupita ku Curragh Racecourse, National Stud ndi Japan Gardens. Zosankha zawo zodyeramo Gallops Bar & Restaurantt perekani zosakaniza zapabanja ndi zakudya zokoma za ku Europe zomwe zimakhala pamalo owala komanso osangalatsa. Zabwino pazakudya zam'mawa, nkhomaliro kapena chakudya chamadzulo, malo awo odyera amalola alendo kusankha kuchokera kumitundu yosiyanasiyana komanso yokoma, yopatsa zokonda zonse.

Kildare House Hotel Room 1
Hotelo "Kildare House". 

Nyumba Yowonongeka Nyumba Yowonongeka ndi nyumba yokongola ya alendo yomwe ili ku Kildare, Ireland. Amapereka malo ogona abwino komanso aukhondo pamtengo wotsika mtengo. Zipindazi zimakongoletsedwa bwino ndi ziwiya zamakono komanso zothandiza kuti alendo azitha kukhala momasuka. Ogwira ntchito ndi ochezeka komanso olandirira, kuwonetsetsa kuti zonse zikuyenda bwino. Dera lozungulira la Bray House ndilokongola, lokhala ndi mawonedwe odabwitsa akumidzi komanso zochitika zambiri zomwe alendo angasangalale nazo. Pali maulendo owongoleredwa afamu ndi ma drive amathirakitala a ana komanso ntchito yolera ana. Overall, Bray House is an ideal place for travellers looking for a quiet getaway or those looking to explore the beautiful countryside of Kildare. Its friendly staff and excellent accommodations make it a great option for any visitor wanting a memorable experience in this part of Ireland!

Nyumba ya Bray 2
Nyumba Yowonongeka 

Nyumba za lavenderLavender Cottages is a hideaway that will make your stay in Co. Kildare a delight. Lavender Cottage consists of 2 spacious bedrooms (sleeping 4/5), both with king-size beds and one with an en-suite shower room. There is an open-plan kitchen and a dining-living area with an additional sofa bed. Lavender Cottage ili pafupi ndi Newbridge ndi zinthu zake zambiri, kuphatikiza la IrelandMalo ogulitsira kwambiri am'chigawo, ma pubs azikhalidwe ndi mipiringidzo ya gastro, malo odyera, sinema, malo osungiramo mitsinje ndi mayendedwe ndi malo otseguka a Curragh Plains, mtunda wa mphindi 15 zokha.

Nyumba ya Lavender (4)
Lavender Cottage 

Nyumba ya GreeseviewGreeseview House is within a few minutes of some of the best Golfing, Fishing and Historical Sites in County Kildare and a few minute drive from Mullaghreelan Woods, where you can take a stroll in nature.Pafupi ndi Greeseview House ndi Saint Patrick's Well. Komanso pafupi ndi Ernest Shackleton Museum ku Athy ndi Kilkea Castle ndi Golf Course. Pali malo odyera ambiri (kuti agwirizane ndi zokonda zonse ndi bajeti) ndi mipiringidzo yakomweko yokhala ndi nyimbo zachikhalidwe pafupi ndi khomo lawo.

Zithunzi img 7614

Ashwell Cottages - Ashwell Cottages malo odzidyera okha ku Kildare ndi mtunda wa makilomita atatu kuchokera ku tawuni ya Naas, Co. Kildare ndipo ndi malo abwino owonera Kildare. Malo ogonawa amagona mpaka anthu asanu ndi mmodzi ndipo ali pamalo abwino oti mufufuze zonse zomwe Kildare angapereke.

Ashwell Kanyumba 3
Ashwell Kanyumba 

Moate Lodge B & B.Moate Lodge, yomangidwa ndi Duke wa Leinster, kuyambira 1776 ndipo ndi malo amtendere ndi bata. Sangalalani ndi kuchereza kwachikhalidwe cha ku Ireland kuphatikiza ndi kukhudza kwanu kuti mutsimikizire kukhalako koyenera. Moate Lodge ndi nyumba yafamu ya Bord Fáilte yovomerezeka yazaka 250 pafupi ndi Athy kumidzi ya Kildare. 

Moate Lodge 3
Moate Lodge B & B.

Zithunzi za Alensgrove Cottages - Alensgrove Cottage ku Kildare ndi malo abwino odzidyera okha omwe akufuna kuthawa mwamtendere komanso mwabata. Ili kumidzi, izi zokongola malo odzidyera okha wazunguliridwa ndi zobiriwira zobiriwira ndi zitunda. M'katimo, alendo adzapeza malo abwino okhalamo okhalamo bwino komanso khitchini yokhala ndi zida zonse zomwe zimakhala zoyenera kuphika chakudya. Kuphatikiza pazithandizozi, alendo amatha kuyendera nyama zapanyumbayi. Whatever your reason for visiting Kildare, Alensgrove Cottage offers a unique and comfortable place to stay with all the amenities you need.

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Blackrath Farmhouse - is a great place to stay in Kildare with pets. Located just outside the town of Kilcullen, this pet-friendly farmhouse is set on four acres of lush farmland and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Guests can enjoy various outdoor activities, such as walking, cycling, horse riding and fishing in the nearby River. The property also offers a tranquil setting for those wanting to escape it all and relax in the fresh air. Inside the farmhouse, guests will find spacious rooms with traditional furniture, modern amenities and pet kennels in an outdoor barn for your furry friends. All grounds are well-maintained, ensuring visitors have a pleasant stay at Blackrath Farmhouse.

Rsz A2a9348
Nyumba Yamafamu a Blackrath

Belan Lodge – Kukhala Paubwenzi ndi Banja Belan Lodge ku Athy Kildare ndizabwino kwambiri! Ili m'modzi mwa zigawo zokongola kwambiri ku Ireland, Kildare. Belan Lodge imapereka malo okhala ndi mabanja okhala ndi malingaliro opatsa chidwi amadera ozungulira. Malo ogona ndi B&B yamakono yokhala ndi zinthu zonse zofunika kuti mukhale omasuka. Pokhala ndi zipinda zazikulu, mabafa okonzedwa bwino komanso makhitchini okhala ndi zida zonse, alendo adzamva kukhala kwawo. Mabanja omwe akuyang'ana malo osaiwalika ku Kildare, osayang'ananso ku Belan Lodge.

Belan Lodge
Belan Lodge


Kildare has a wide variety of excellent accommodation options for visitors and locals alike. From charming bed and breakfasts to luxury hotels, there is something to suit every budget and taste. Whether looking for a romantic getaway, family vacation, or business trip, Kildare is the perfect place to stay. Chifukwa chake onetsetsani kuti mwayang'ana madera onse omwe akupereka ndikusungitsa kukhala kwanu kumodzi mwamalo abwinowa! Sangalalani ndi zabwino zonse za Kildare mukakhala. Pakufunika kudzoza for things to do during your stay? Check out Into Kildare.